Wednesday, 20 April 2011

good chia!

The tropical fruits(high GI, high sugar)are the perfect partner combo for the highly-nutritious chia seed as you don't get sugar-spiked and thus are perfect for diabetics and healthy enthusiasts alike!

Saturday, 16 April 2011


soul exploration not sour!

more wise words from a Divine and wise source!

RIGHT ACTIVITY LEADS TO HAPINESS. Worldly actions imbued with egoism utimately bring pain and disillusionment. Continual evil actions destroy man's discrimiation and understanding.
Good persons, through the incentive of spiritual joy, try to become better and better. The life of the average human being,however, is a mixture of right actions and wrong actions.
The lowest men are those who tire easily of any struggle for virtue, giving up all worthwile pursuits and sinking into the stupor of nonactivity and evil habits. Persons of tamasic nature become bewildered and increasingly ignorant, devoid of any sense of responsibility for their own welfare or the welfare of the society of which they are part.
'The wages of sin are death' That is, sinful activities leadto the death of man's happiness. Ignorance is the sin of sins because it is the mother of all misery.
Why do worldly men perform actions that produce litle joy and many troubles? Why do evil men destroy themselves with their pernicious behaviour? The answer is 'habit'-one of the most potent factors in human destiny. Many persons, in spite of their knowledge of the suffering involved, continue to indulge in injurious practices because of the iron influence of habit. In addition, such persons lack experience of the rewarding joys of the spiritual life.
As the camel eats bramble even though it makes the mouth bleed, so the sex-obsessed man indulges himself even though his health suffers, and the alcoholic drinks himself to death. The acquired taste for bad habits is not easily forsworn if one is ignorant of the incomparable nectar of the soul within him. The money-mad person destroys his happiness by continuosly seeking more wealth, not knowing that a little investment in the treasure house of sincere meditation yields lasing joys such as gold can't buy.
Thus worldly persons, in spite orf suffering in material activities, continue to be worldly; and evil men continue in their abnormal path, steeped in senseless living. Their rajasic and tamasic habits, respectively, prevent them from picturing the better joys of normal worldly activities or the superior joys of noble pursuits and sour exploration. Rajasic persons, mentally stimulated by activity and chastened by disapointment, may begin a deeper ignorance, finding sadistic pleasure in hurting themselves and others.
All persons, however,can change and improve their life through keeping good company and exercising their innate power of self-control, and through meditation on God, the Source of their being. Even a little taste of goodness will stimulate one's spiritual appetite for the Everlasting Sweetness.

Source: Paramahansa Yogananda

wise words from a wise and Divine source!

The powerful senses extend their psychological tentacles and occasionally get a octopus-grip on even advannced devotees who are close to escape from the dark waters of dulusion.
A note of warning is given to the smug and self-satisfied devotee who may have attained some spiritual advancement and a degree of self-control over his life and thus considers himself immune to the subtle lures of the senses. No one is actually safe from predatory senses- not even the nearly perfect wise man-until he has reached the final shelter of unbreakable union with spirit.
A devotee may long seperate himself from objects thgat excite temptation in the senses and thus rashly believes that their inner luring activity is gone. They quite likely to be merely dormant, hibernating with him, ready to spring into movement under a sudden contact of suitable circumstances.
No germ of evil, however seemingly insignificant, should be allowed to remain lurking within, growing and undetected. As contact with germs may not appear harmless at first because one's immune qualities hold them into check, so also a slight measure of evil may apparently be untroublesome when one's spiritual health is good and strong; but if in anyone the immune spiritual qualities become weakened, then the bacteria of evil are quickly aroused and invigorated, and quite overwhelm the vulnerable host.
Thus the wise man should introspect and find out whether his greed, sex temptation, love of physical beauty, desire for flattery, and so forth have actually slain by wisdom or whether they are only feigning their demise.
Even without the outward contact of specific objects, the five senses of knowledge(sight, hearing,smell,taste,touch) and the five executive powers(speech, hand and foot movement, sexual and excretory activities) may internally be excited by mere thought. For instance, a wise man trying to overcome a particuliar temptation not only must stay away from all stimulating occupations and people akin to his weakness but also must control his senses internally so they do not feed his mind with associated images that arise from the subconscious mind owing to it's picturizing power or to its memory of past sensual experences.
No Devotee should underestimate the formidable power of the subconscious, whose tentacles are far-reaching then those of the conscious mind.

Scorning the tinsel lumosity of sense objects, the God-united devotee focuses his thoughts on the ever joyus Spirit. His senses soon forsake their rebellion and obey him as their rightful sovereign.
Two things are required for a wise man. First he must withdraw his mind from the senses; secondly, he must keep the mind united with the Deity, yeilding only to the Supreme Temptation!
This outer and inner control makes the wisdom of the devotee unwavering-that is, not hovering between Divine and sensual pleasures.
The advanced Yogi finds his senses ever obedient, well trained in subservience to the better and finer joys of God-perception.
A man's intellect is not steady if he is the victim of self-indulgences. A sense slave's mind and judgement are persistenly clouded; he passes from one error to another, from one action to another, from one pitfall to another.
The sage of steady wisdom exercises good judgement in all decisions and actions, for his inner intuitive wisdom is ever united to the ominiscience of Spirit.

Source: Paramahansa Yogananda!

Monday, 11 April 2011

not nutella!

That time of the month again when only cravings for stodgy fare will suffice! Just like to share with you a simple recipe that kids and big kids alike will appreciate! It has a subtle sweetness unlike the intense sugar highs of the processed 'nutella'.

*generous handful of hazelnuts
*cacao powder
* approx 2tsp of coconut sugar(lower GI than honey and agave:)

process in a FP with a litle water, viola!

That's my fresh spinach and hemp smoothie(spinach, hemp, frozen bannana:)in the bottom pic!!!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Love this!!!

April 8th Compassion

Seek to do brave and lovely things that are left undone by the majority of people. Give gifts of love and peace to those whom others pass by. — Paramahansa Yogananda, SRF Lessons

Monday, 4 April 2011

green smoothie

1/2 Savoy Cabbage
3 tiny Granny Smith Apples
scrummy coconut butter aka virgin coconut oil to taste
water, yum!