Monday, 28 February 2011

orangutan / natural world love

Next time you consume / go shopping spare a thought for our fellow beautiful and intelligent sentient beings, the humble and lovable orangutan(their name quite literately translates to 'man of the forest' in Malay:). Challenge the companies that use palm oil by writing them a letter. We are all custodians of the Earth after all!

Orangutans and humans genetically-share 96.4%  of DNA!


Friday, 18 February 2011


Other baking soda(bicarbonate of soda) uses include:

* accidental wine / liquid spills
* oven / household cleaner
* carpet freshener(drops of lavender essential oil in left to dry in baking soda) - sprinkle baking soda prior to vacuuming(a clean  toxic 'shake and vac' that will leave your home scented with the Lavender fields of Provence:).

If you invest in just one oil  make it the incredibly versatile virgin coconut oil. Uses incude:

* hair conditioner(prior to cleansing hair)
* body moisturiser / after sun lotion
* helps  creates wonderful decant sweet desserts
* safest and healthiest oil to cook with(it's been proven)

other great cleansing aids include:

* rebounding
* body brushing towards the heart prior to bathing
* tongue cleaning : may help to save your life and your unborn child's too
* oil pulling
* body massage using cold pressed sesame oil(fragrance with essential oils of your choice)

Thursday, 17 February 2011

ecogreenclean: no poo, natural deodorant, fresh produce cleanser.........

Clean hair?
Shiny hair?
Non Toxic Chemicals simple solution that's kind to scalp and Mama Earth?

no poo: baking soda(bicarbonate of soda) mixed in a warm water solution cleanses and massages the scalp, followed by a diluted cider vinegar solution conditioning rinse(few drops of essential oil fragrance is optional:) ratio 3:1. Finish off with a cool water rinse and you're done!

Other uses for cider vinegar include: fruit & vegetable wash, natural deodorant(diluted) to name but two!

Other handy cleansing / mouisturising ingredients include: oats, gram / besan flour, honey, yoghurt, eggs etc.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Sunday, 13 February 2011


Breakfast: Alara's Goji and Pineapple Muesli with chlorella powder, water and the best Bee Pollen I've ever tasted(Thanks Ebay:)!!!

Lunch: Salsa Verde(lots and lots of young spinach, garlic, vine tomatoes,chili and olive oil) with the last of the *kelp noodles( high ca enriched meal:).

Snacks: Serr Walnut halves and unsulphured dried apricots

*As I'm no longer a kelp noodles virgin(hurray:) I have no desire to purchase these costly 'novelty' food again and will be sticking to the fruit kind(Zucchini:). It was fun trying try thought! 1.  I can't really afford and justify the purchase 2. It's all about sustainability and can't really see any poor individuals in Africa, Asia and Latin America etc.  indulging in them soon. *Pure Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Bee Pollen, like the humble organic almond etc. remains a essential staple(mostly vegan, just as well really as I'm not too keen on labels) thought.

* safest and healthiest oil for cooking for example:)       

Friday, 11 February 2011

food for thought

Following on with the success with last night's supper(watercress, cherry / grape tomato, almond, garlic and chili pesto with raw and organic carrots** served on a bed of kelp noodles:), I couldn't wait to share my latest creative offerings!

Brunch: Blackcurrant Chia Porridge :  not quite a tablespoon of raw and vegan blackcurrant powder in a bowl of chia seed gel(simple and yet lovely:-).

Experimental Supper with what's left in the refrigerator / larder: raw and organic chorella powder, tahini, fresh organic garlic, reshi mushroom powder, chili powder, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil and Biona's organic, raw(unpasteurised, unfiltered and oak matured:) cider vinegar with the mother mixed into a thick sauce* served with a couple of raw and organic carrots on a bed of  kelp noodles(only 9kcalories for noodles alone).  Voila! a sublimely and yummy raw, vegan gourmet meal fit for a King!

* Don't let the earthy-green color put you off as it was so darn tasty :=)

** Again, using up what's left in the refrigerator!

Any lovely American-based readers willing  to do a swapsie swap in exchange for a mountain mint 'wild bar' with a English-based chick?!!! do let me know at: ta:=) I've been itching to try this for ages!