Sunday, 13 February 2011


Breakfast: Alara's Goji and Pineapple Muesli with chlorella powder, water and the best Bee Pollen I've ever tasted(Thanks Ebay:)!!!

Lunch: Salsa Verde(lots and lots of young spinach, garlic, vine tomatoes,chili and olive oil) with the last of the *kelp noodles( high ca enriched meal:).

Snacks: Serr Walnut halves and unsulphured dried apricots

*As I'm no longer a kelp noodles virgin(hurray:) I have no desire to purchase these costly 'novelty' food again and will be sticking to the fruit kind(Zucchini:). It was fun trying try thought! 1.  I can't really afford and justify the purchase 2. It's all about sustainability and can't really see any poor individuals in Africa, Asia and Latin America etc.  indulging in them soon. *Pure Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Bee Pollen, like the humble organic almond etc. remains a essential staple(mostly vegan, just as well really as I'm not too keen on labels) thought.

* safest and healthiest oil for cooking for example:)       

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