Friday, 4 March 2011

vegan eats!

carrot with a fresh tomato and mung bean sprout salsa

butter bean(cooked) hummus with sprouts on rye

DIY mung bean sprouts

organic cucumber and frozen berry mix


frozen berries and nanas!

plus hemp protein, reishi and organic chlorella! 

texture and tastes like a frozen delicious dessert(only heaps better:) 


  1. Looks yumm!
    Is it a food processsor you're using on the photo?

    I am currently researching the net for a good blender or food processor, 'cause my old one isn't that good. I am using a stick blender at the moment and I need something better where I could grind nuts, seeds, veg and also make smoothies....
    Thought, I ask you what you are using :)


  2. Thank-you Katerina It was! It was indeed a FP I used, I totally depend on my trusty Kenwood(It's a FP with blender attached on a base hope that helps:)for all manner of cullinary and creative delights(tip: cashews with berries make a plant-based 'treat' meal that the young and enternally-youthful will appreciate. Macadamias and the uice makes a lovely decadent non-dairy cream, I could go on and on! Raw germinated sunflower seed pate / burgers anyone! it's a great investment to research and source a good one especially if your anything like me and use it frequently.

    Vita mix and The Champion are excellent brands(not cheap but a wise investment in you and your families health:)!


  3. Whoops! macadamias and the juice of an orange or two creates a decadent s / o cream!

  4. Thank you so much for all the information! ;)
    Sorry, I was meaning to respond earlier, my week has been crazyly busy!

    I will look into the brands and types of processors/blenders you've mentioned. I did hear about vita mix, it is a bit pricey, though :(

    I will be looking forward to more of your recipes!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Take care


  5. thanks, Katerina!

    keep healthy:)


  6. I've got a fresh basil craving and thus zucchini pesto spaghetti calling so I'm looking forward to posting a pic soon(love, love, love basil, garlic and zucchini 'spaghetti':)!

  7. Kitchen Aid is a good make too!

  8. Mmmm, basil and garlic... I do love this combination too! I've made zucchini pesto with avocado and cherry tomatoes recently, I'm going to post the recipe at some point soon :)

    Thanks again for help!
    Look forward to your posts!
    Take care

  9. Thank-you, Katerina(love the sound of the avo and grape tomato combo too:)!

    God bless!