Sunday, 12 September 2010

Thrift Chic!

Invest in one or two key items per season that will update your wardrobe.

Top tip: Opt for a new jacket to give an old outfit a 2010 vibe.

Designer Bianca Spender: Only buy things you truly love – the items that make your heart flutter.

Top tip: Beautifully draped dresses are key item for your summer wardrobe

Harper’s BAZAAR’s Claudia Navone: Sometimes spending more is spending less. Invest in pieces that you will wear for years.

Top investment: Opt for a really classic handbag that will finish off your outfit.

Shop Til You Drop’s Justine Cullen: Shop smart. Focus on one piece you really love rather than 5 pieces you only like.

Top tip: A high quality, soft leather jacket will see you through from winter to summer.

Harper’s BAZAAR’s Edwina McCann: Less is more. Spend money upfront on pieces that will last and that you will treasure.

Top tip: Save for the new 1950’s style shoe. Timeless, classic and will last forever.

Australian Women’s Weekly’s Debra Thomas: Know the value of taking the time to think about what you want to invest in.

Top tip: Think about an item in terms of cost per wear before you buy.


  1. Great tips and thanks so much for stopping by! Hugs!

  2. Essential tips. I agree with all of them. My leather jacket's seen me through 18years of constant usage, definately a wise investment of £7! xxx